Steps in Creating a Questionnaire

You Need Help When Creating a Questionnaire

Questionnaires are a highly cost effective way to gather data for business and academic research. Whether it is market research or data for your research paper, thesis or dissertation a survey is more often than not the best way for you to get the data that you need. Surveys are very easy to use, but that easy use often leads people to believe that they are easy to create also. Creating surveys is never easy; if you want to ensure that you gather the right data and that your survey will not give a biased result you need to take great care in its design.

We Can Help with Creating a Questionnaire

Our designers are not going to jump straight into making a list of questions without first considering every step of the data gathering process. If you want to make a questionnaire and get the right data and be able to analyze it then you need to work through all of the following steps with our talented designer:

  • You need to know what the overall aim of your questionnaire is
  • Need to carefully define the specific data that you will need to collect for your study
  • You need to define who you will collect the data from
  • You need to understand how you are going to collect that data; face to face, online, mail, phone
  • You need to decide how your collected data will be analyzed

Then Our Experts Will Write Your Questionnaire

Only when you have defined all of the above can you start to work on the actual questions and the design of the questionnaire. Our experts all hold degrees in the subject areas in which they are asked to work and each is highly experienced in data collection and analysis through the use of questionnaires for both business and academic research. They will ensure that your questions are:

  • Free from bias so as to not influence the answers that are given
  • Not confusingly worded or containing double negatives
  • Clearly written so that the reader fully understands what is being asked
  • Each question needs to contain a single topic
  • Answer choices are not excessive and clear to use

We Provide a Full Guarantee When Creating a Questionnaire for You

When we design your questionnaire we aim for perfection every time, however if you are not fully happy with what we provide we will work with you to make any changes that you feel are required at no additional charge. If we still cannot meet your needs we will provide a refund. We can help you in creating  research survey design or any other one you  need. Your questionnaire will be carefully proofread, checked for plagiarism and completely tested so that you can be sure that it will work as required.

For a fully confidential and affordable professional service to use when creating a questionnaire just contact the experts here today!