Likert Scale Questionnaire Design

Do You Need Help with Your Likert Scale Questionnaire

likert scale surveyCreating any form of questionnaire including questionnaire rating scale is not as easy as most people seem to think. Because surveys and questionnaires are so easy and effective to use they are often thought as being easy to design also. However, they are not! It is very easy to create questions that are ambiguous, unclear or even that induce bias, this will greatly affect the results that you receive and the final analysis that you make. Poor results could see you making incorrect assumptions or even acting in a way that would be inappropriate. A Likert scale survey, as well as marketing questionnaire, is a common way of gathering data, but it is always best to use an expert to help you if you want to avoid problems.

How Will We Help You with Your Likert Scale Questionnaire?

Likert scales are simple scales that you will often see within psychometric testing and surveys that test a respondents agreement or otherwise with a given statement. Typically the scale will offer you 5 or 7 choices such as:

  • I fully agree
  • I partially agree
  • I neither agree nor do I disagree
  • I partially disagree
  • I fully disagree

Of course, the wording can be slightly different but the principles of the scale will be similar. Some people use scales that have more choices and some also remove the “neutral” choice to force the respondent to choose one way or another. However there are many ways that you can get your questions written that will cause confusion or bias in the person answering the question:

  • Avoid the use of double negatives within your question as it causes confusion
  • Do not lead the respondent as that causes bias; “Our already over financed defense industry should see cuts.” you are telling them already that they are “over financed”
  • Ensure that you have one subject in the question; “We spend too much on health and insurance”; what if they feel that one is too much and the other not enough?

We Provide the Very Best Experts for Your Likert Scale Questionnaire

We are not a general writing service like so many of the other services online that will offer to provide support with your questionnaire. We are a highly specialized service that work exclusively with questionnaires and surveys. Our experts are:

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  • Fully understand methods for data collection and analysis through surveys

We Fully Guarantee Your Satisfaction

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