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quantitative research questionnaireBusinesses and academics use many different forms of questionnaires or surveys like standard questionnaire or other ones to gather data. This data can then be analyzed to help them prove their thesis or to provide information as to what customers are looking for or answers to a host of other questions. However, designing effective questionnaires that avoid bias and provide you with data that you can really use is not as simple as you may think. While surveys are typically easy to use they require a lot more thought at the design phase. Quantitative questionnaire design requires you to consider a large number of factors before you even start to list your questions.

Designing Your Quantitative Research Questionnaire

Quantitative information is data that you can measure, such as someone’s salary or how many times they go to the gym in the week. This type of data is usually easier to analyze but there are often many issues that can arise when you actually design your questionnaire which can cause you to gather incorrect or biased data. Our experts can ensure that the quantitative questionnaire design is robust so that you gather the data that you need without having any problems:

  • Ensure questions are totally clear; “what is your salary?” Are you asking weekly, monthly, annual? Is this before or after tax? What about benefits? Be very specific with your question
  • A common problem is overlapping options; 1 to 10, 10-20, 20-30; where do they put 10?
  • Having too many options, sometimes it is better to ask for a figure rather than providing options
  • Questions that are too difficult to answer; sometimes it is better to ask for an estimate to allow the person answering some leeway with their answer or they may skip the question

Our Experts Provide the Best Questionnaires in Quantitative Research

We are not a generalized writing service that will try to fob you off with a cheap freelancer and hope that they will provide you something that will do the job. We are a specialized service that specializes in providing highly effective questionnaires for academic and business use. We use real experts to satisfy your needs, each of our designers is:

  • Fully qualified to degree level in the areas within which they work
  • Highly experienced in questionnaire design, data collection, and analysis
  • Have native English language skills

We Will Provide a Full Satisfaction Guarantee for Quantitative Questionnaire Design

Through our experts, you will receive a quality quantitative questionnaire that is going to fully meet your needs or you get our questionnaire guidelines as well. However, if you feel changes are required we allow unlimited update until you are fully satisfied with what we provide. Should you not be happy we will provide you a full refund. Every questionnaire that we provide is delivered within the deadline that you provide and will be free of technical errors, plagiarism and will also have been carefully tested.

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