FAQs on How to Design a Questionnaire

I don’t know how to design a questionnaire for market research, can you help me?

We know exactly how to design a questionnaire for research within your business area. We are a specialized survey designing company that works within all areas of research for business, academia, and other uses. We can ensure that your market research survey will meet all of your needs and will supply robust and unbiased data.

Just what is questionnaire design and why should I trust you with it?

Being able to design questionnaires is far more than how to design questionnaire questions. The questions are often the last part of the design process but most people jump in and start with them. By using us you ensure that you avoid the many pitfalls associated with questionnaire design.

Are your staff qualified in designing questionnaires?

Our staff know precisely how to design a questionnaire, they have degrees in the subject areas in which we ask them to work and they also have many years of experience with academic and business research through survey design, delivery, and data analysis.

Is your service confidential?

Our company data needs to be secure.
Yes, our service is fully confidential, your personal or company details will never be shared nor will any aspect of the project that we undertake for you.

I am worried that the questionnaire will introduce bias and I want to know how you can avoid this?

Our experts are very experienced with the design of questionnaires and are very aware of how leading or one-sided questions can lead to biased results. They carefully design questions to avoid these faults. In addition, your questionnaire will be tested to ensure that they have avoided any issues.

I need a questionnaire very quickly, can you help me?

We know how to design a questionnaire quickly and you can specify the lead time when you make your order. If you need your questionnaire quicker than this just contact us and we will see if we can accommodate you.

Do you guarantee your questionnaires?

Yes, we guarantee that your questionnaire will be delivered on time and that it will be free from plagiarism and errors within the writing. Besides, help in designing a questionnaire we also provide you with a full satisfaction money back guarantee. You are entitled to unlimited alterations to bring the survey to your full satisfaction if we cannot achieve what you need we will refund your purchase.